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Sarisa is toppling accepted therapeutic limitations that affect many. Our early-stage disruptions are elegant, effective and surprisingly common sense.



Why take just one path?

Introducing a new class of chemical entities in the war against cancer. Typically, a single molecule is designed to attack a particular cell function needed by cancer cells. However, cancer cells can rapidly adjust their signaling pathways to evade treatments making single agents more vulnerable to treatment evasion. Our unique approach involves the design of a multifunctional molecule that inhibits multiple cancer paths simultaneously, significantly decreasing the likelihood of cancer cells evading treatment.

Currently in animal trials

University of Michigan
2 molecules, 2 pathways for
better patient outcomes


Are irritated cells the cause of many underlying malidies?

Chronic inflammation may be more than just a nuisance as it can damage normal cells and tissues. Inflammation is an important secondary component of many diseases such as atherosclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibrotic diseases (interstitial pulmonary fibrosis) and chronic pain. Our first in class chemical entities have been shown to target vital cell pathways involved in regulating the body’s inflammation response. Our unique approach is designed to sooth inflammations long term irritating effects by modulating fundamental key cellular pathways to decrease the likelihood of inflammation causing a more serious and lasting ailment.

In use at Mayo Clinic, introducting to new hospital systems

Mayo Clinic
Proven in thousands of
patient trials


Is food the pathway to the stomach?

Aspirin is a well-known therapeutic and is well known to cause stomach irritation. Merging Eastern medicine, we’ve found that ginger coupled to aspirin (Gingerol Aspirinate) or with resveratrol serves to naturally buffer gastric side effects of aspirin to minimize or eliminate stomach upset while delivering a rapid therapeutic effect.

5th round patient trials,
ready for commercialization

Dr. Xiu Lu
plant-based buffers mitigate aspirin upset

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